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What does 'body pH' mean?

The pH, which is an abbreviation for 'power of hydrogen', is a measuring unit of acidity and alkalinity of a solution. It is numerically equal to 7 for neutral solutions, increasing with increasing alkalinity (14 = maximum alkalinity) and decreasing with increasing acidity (0 = maximum acidity). The urine, blood, saliva, digestive juices and the fluids inside and outside the body's cells each have an optimum pH level, whereby blood pH is the most telling of all.

At rest, the normal blood pH of a human being is slightly alkaline, with a pH around 7.4 on the pH scale. Anything above that value is considered alkaline; anything below is described as acidic. Both, in their extremes, are life-threatening for the human body; if the pH value drops below 6.8 or increases above 7.8, the cells of the body cannot function properly anymore and the human will die.

pH scale

Illustration: The pH scale

How does pH imbalance affect our body?

The pH level, the acid-alkaline measurement of our bodies, affects every cell in our body. A constantly imbalanced pH level won't be tolerated by our internal system as well as our entire metabolic process. Both depend on a healthy alkaline environment through pH balance. By consuming too many unhealthy, acid forming or acidic foods, the growth of harmful bacteria, fungus, yeast and other micro organism is promoted within our body, which may result in obesity (we create fat cells to carry acids away from our vital organs), allergies (the absorption of undigested proteins due to an overly acidic body is a major cause of allergy conditions), fatigue (an over-acidified body produces toxins and weakens the body's ability to produces enzymes and hormones) and many other unhealthy conditions.

How to achieve pH balance?

A diet, which consists of a proper acid alkaline balance of foods, will help to transform your body's pH balance from dangerously acidic to healthy (slightly) alkaline. Above that, you should add plenty of alkaline water to your daily diet.

A proper alkaline diet suggests taking in at least 80% of alkaline foods, like green vegetables or grasses, and never more than 20% of neutral and acidic foods. Eating green foods, vegetables and alkaline foods will help our internal fluids to achieve a natural pH balance as the acidic environment inside the body will be eliminated. That means, by eating vegetables all day long, or taking sprouted greens dietary supplements, and avoiding acid forming and acidic foods, the body's pH level will gradually be balanced. When pH balance is achieved, your body will start to restore its overall health.


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definition pH scale


pH scale is a system of describing acidity or alkalinity, ranging from pH 0 to pH 14, with pH 7 being neutral. Values lower than 7 indicate acidity; those higher than 7 indicate alkalinity. Each number on the pH scale represents a tenfold change in acidity or alkalinity. Thus pH 5 is 10 times more acid than pH 6, and pH 4 is 100 times more acid than pH 6; pH 11 is 1,000 times more alkaline than pH 8. In general, plants grow best in the pH range of 4 (very acid) to 8 (slightly alkaline). (Source: Wikipedia)

Alkalosis refers to a condition reducing hydrogen ion concentration of arterial blood plasma (alkalemia). Generally alkalosis is said to occur when arterial pH exceeds 7.45. The opposite condition is acidosis. (Source: Wikipedia)

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