Paleo (vs) Vegan – Pros and Cons

One’s food choices can be influenced by area of life, religion, belief or purely health. But which diet you follow will greatly influence how healthy and fit you stay and how well your immune system adapts to certain health challenges.

Lately, two types of diets that are being followed are the Paleo diet and the Vegan diet. In general, the question which one of these two is best suitable depends on the individual’s health needs. By comparing both diets and the foods you are allowed to eat, it is possible to make an informed decision on which one to choose to stay healthy.

Paleo Diet:

Apart from fruits, vegetables and nuts, Paleo diet recommends eating a healthy quantity of meat, eggs, poultry and sea foods – just as stone age people used to eat their food (not processed, without any artificial preservatives etc.) The big plus of the Paleo diet is consuming protein rich food, however, this diet suggests us to go grain-free (no flour containing products allowed as they are processed) which is a big minus. This is because it can lead to deficiency in carbohydrates. Also, because one does not consume rice, it is likely that one would be too much dependent on meat which can lead to increase in toxins in the body due to toxic chemicals in animal’s bodies.

Vegan Diet:

Vegan diet includes ONLY vegetables and fruits free from any form of meat or animal products including dairy. The biggest upside of this is that one can choose to eat raw food unlike the meat eating counterparts. This means that one can get more nutrients into the body. However, consuming vegan diet foods in the long run could lead to Vitamin B12 (and some other vitamins) deficiencies. So vegans should compensate this with supplements to maintain good health.

Why Paleo dieters and Vegan dieters are not in favor of each other?

On a lot of occasions, either the vegans or Paleo dieters pick on each other on the nature of the diet. This is particularly because of the belief among vegans that Paleo dieters eat huge amount of meat. On the other hand, Paleo dieters complain that Vegans consume processed food; Paleo diet prohibits processed food and recommends fresh food.

So, what diet would you follow? Comment away your suggestions!

However, both Paleo and Vegan aren’t diets that have a high emphasis on consuming alkaline foods – as foods which are allowed are meats, processed foods etc.! If you want to get rid of acids inside your body and if your acid-alkaline-balance is of any importance to you, then follow the Akaline Balanced Diet and read more about that on