The correlation between inflammation and weight-gain and what to do about it:

Inflammation is the process where an infection occurs in the body and chemicals from the White Blood cells in the body are released to the spot where the infection has occurred to protect the area. This causes redness in the area which results in inflammation. Inflammation can occur in any part of the body, skin, stomach, liver, intestine etc. While inflammation from time to time is necessary to protect the body from infection, a chronic inflammation could result in several health issues. Also, little is known about the role of inflammation in weight gain. Yes! You heard it right. A chronic inflammation can cause weight gain.

For instance, if one consumes bad food (fast foods like Burgers, French fries, Do-nuts etc.) it could result in fat substance causing inflammation in the stomach. This would result in obvious weight gain.

Here are 4 tips for reducing inflammation:

1. Increase anti-inflammatory food intake:
Eating anti-oxidant and polyphenol rich foods would help in reducing free-radicals thereby making the body more detoxified. Veggies like Broccoli, Kale, Turmeric powder, berries etc. are rich in polyphenols that will significantly reduce the inflammation. Some studies even suggest that eating papaya seeds consistently for six months can reverse the inflammation in one’s body.

2. Reduce stress:
Stress can be a major trigger of inflammation, so one should reduce stress in one’s body. For instance, being media obsessed can increase one’s stress level, as well as being constantly burdened with too much workload. The easiest way to reduce stress is to exercise regularly; exercising regularly increases the release of endorphins. Endorphins are the “feel good chemicals” in one’s brain which help in reducing stress.

3. Consume essential fats:
According to many different diet plans essential fats are very important for proper maintenance of body weight. Essential fats increase the “good” cholesterol HDL by reducing inflammations inside the body. The key is to consume omega-3 fat rich foods and other good fats. For instance, replace your meat intake with fish; replace your sugar and other high carb diet foods with stevia, and have almonds regularly.

4. Get more sleep:
A study in 2008 reported that sleeping less than 8 hours per day would lead to weight gain. Lack of sleep increases the stress level and attacks the immune system thereby contributing to inflammation and weight gain.

The Alkaline diet would always help in fighting inflammation. So, take some time to visit our alkaline food chart here. Comment away your thoughts!