Why sitting cross-legged on the floor and eating is good for your health

While in Western world people are mostly used to dining on a dining table or a sofa or couch, in some parts of Asia people have the ancient practice of sitting on the floor while eating. While this might not sound like a clean habit, there is some scientific evidence suggesting sitting while eating on the floor helps in terms of better digestion and well-being.

Here are the top five reasons for why sitting on the floor while having your plate of food is good for you:

  1. Better digestion

When one sits cross-legged on the floor with the food plate in front, one will have to naturally bend forward and backward while having the food. This would naturally aid in better digestion of the food.

  1. Improved posture

Apart from digestion, sitting on floor improves one’s posture. Posture is very important to maintain a good health. Sitting cross-legged on the floor naturally makes a person to stay in a more upright position while eating.

  1. Improved circulation

For people with circulatory problems, sitting on the floor while eating would offer the best solution. Due to the distinct body position the blood will be pumped more easily through the heart, unlike when you sit on a chair and eat. When sitting on a chair, the blood flow is directed in a straight way to your feet.

  1. Slower aging

A research article published in the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology reports that people who sat on the floor while eating and being able to get up without any support were more likely to live longer.

  1. Better family bonding

The sitting cross-legged posture itself calms the mind and body. Apart from that, sitting on the floor is kind of a family get-together that establishes better bonding amongst the members of family. For example in India, consuming food while sitting on floor, happens especially during festivals when people sit close to each other, interacting better.

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