Why you should quit eating acidic foods today?

Acidic foods are the foods that cause the pH value in your body to decrease, and jeopardize your body’s acid-alkaline-balance. Foods like sugar, donuts, cakes, junk foods, trans fats, fried food, animal protein (beef, clams, lamb, mussels, lobster, oysters, pork, rabbit, salmon, shrimps, tuna, ham, sausage), white pasta (noodles, macaroni, spaghetti), dairy products (cheese of any kind, milk, butter), alcohol, some nuts (cashew nuts, peanuts), and many others are acidic foods that can cause several long term side effects and illness in our body.

Here are the top five reasons why you should NOT eat acidic foods:

1. Excessive amounts of acidic foods deplete oxygen from our body. Reduced oxygen could result in not proper functioning of cells in the body.

2. In the long run this acidity gets stored in bones and joints that could cause long term detrimental effects to the body.

3. When acid levels are high, it could breed bacteria and viruses in the body. The reduced oxygen levels are making the cells more anaerobic. Bacteria thrive in anaerobic environments.

4. Acidic food also causes Acidosis – a condition where the body uses the available minerals to balance the body’s pH levels. In this process, Calcium will be used up excessively thereby affecting the bones causing osteoporosis.

5. Acidic foods may cause cancer and heart attacks more easily which is the major reason for why it should be avoided.