6 Foods You should Never consume

Great and long lasting health is the result of a careful diet combined with regular exercise. Regular consumption of “bad” foods may sabotage health and wellbeing, so let’s have a look at some of these foods to get a picture of what NOT to eat.

1. Donuts:

Donuts top the bad food list as it can quickly lower the body’s pH value. Above that it raises the acidic levels in the stomach. The result of eating high calorie foods such as donuts and other bakeries with high sugar content is rapid weight gain and poor digestion.

2. Cookies:

Cookies surely are one of the “tastiest” bad foods. This is, however, due to the usage of lots of saturated or trans fats. Neither a saturated fat nor a trans-fat is good for your cardiovascular health. Cookies are expected to be sweet and most commercial cookie products contain a lot of sugar. Check out the amount of sugar in these popular brands of cookies:
Newman O’s = 10 g sugar in 2 pieces
Chips Ahoy = 11 g sugar in 3 pieces
Mrs. Field’s = 18 g sugar in 1 piece

3. Potato Chips:

Most potato chips are deep fried with trans-fats that can cause coronary heart diseases. Besides, it is said to lower the body’s pH value drastically thereby increasing the risk of cancer in the long run.

4. French Fries:

French fries (actually another version of potato chips) cause harm to our health due to its very high calorie content. About 100 grams of French fries contain about 300 calories requiring you to run for 45 mins on a treadmill to burn the fat.

5. Processed meat:

Eating processed meat (packed, sausages, patties etc.) may be unhealthy due to the fact that the meat goes through too many production processes (added chemicals, preservatives etc.) before getting to the table for you to eat.

6. Soft Drinks:

Soft drinks contain very high amounts of sugars and additives, some of them can be linked to diabetes and cancer. A study done be the Natural Medicine Journal found that there is a strong link between drinking soda and pancreatic cancer . According to the study, drinking two or more sodas a week almost doubles a person’s risk of developing pancreatic cancer. Diet soda is equally dangerous as the sugar is replaced with artificial sweeteners which, in some cases, can be linked to coronary heart disease and premature birth.

After reading this article we believe that you would have made your choice to move from bad foods to alkaline foods. Comment away any other food which you think is bad.

6 Health Benefits of Kale

Kale is one of the best alkaline superfoods with one of the highest values of alkalinity. Kale can be consumed raw or cooked with or without any other foods along. Kale is rich in Vitamin A, Vitamin K and Vitamin C and is a powerful anti-oxidant. Let us look into few health benefits of consuming Kale:

1. Weight-loss aid: Consuming raw Kale on a daily basis in the morning as a post-workout smoothie or juice would help in losing weight quickly. Due to its ability to effectively neutralize acids the numerous nutrients of Kale get absorbed by the body faster than any other food.

2. Metabolism booster: Metabolism is needed in the body for maintaining the weight in the body. As we grow older, the metabolism rate could go down due to age and lifestyle changes. Kale, being a green leafy vegetable, can be a great metabolism booster. By maintaining a high metabolism rate it is possible to lose weight faster in a very healthy way.

3. Anti-inflammatory: Kale being a food with high anti-oxidant properties can prevent the body from inflammation. Inflammation causes myriad of diseases from cancer to diabetes. Due to its high alkalinity kale is able to prevent free radicals from spreading thereby preventing the body from inflammation.

4. Liver detox: Kale is an excellent liver detox. Following any liver related diseases, Kale can help in rejuvenating the liver by detoxifying the enzymes in liver.

5. Protein-rich: Not only tofu, tempeh and soy are great sources of protein. Kale would be an excellent source of plant protein that can help as a good substitute for carbohydrates.

6. Immune booster: Kale being anti-inflammatory and green-leafy is boosting the red blood cells in the blood. It also helps in balancing the white blood cells thereby enhancing the immunity.

So, from today, add Kale to your list of alkaline foods.

Say “No Milk Today”!

Is milk sucking away the alkalinity from your bones? The simple answer is Yes.

Pasteurized milk (we also know it as Homogenized or UHT milk), is heated up to kill harmful bacteria and making it nonperishable, which might seem sensible in the first place. However, the heating process also kills beneficial bacteria, minerals and vitamins, and damages proteins vital for bone health. So the resulting milk is far from “good for bone growth”, as the industry and milk lobby suggests.

Still, UHT and pasteurized milk is the common milk which everybody drinks. Throughout the United States, common milk was widely promoted to ensure better sales in early 1980s with the slogan mentioning about the presence of calcium which would be useful for one’s bone health. This perception hasn’t ever changed since. But it’s far from truth; milk is responsible for one of the most dreaded bone diseases – osteoporosis.

Fact is, that the countries with the highest consumption of milk per head, which is Northern America and the states of Europe, at the same time have the highest rate of bone Osteoporosis. According to Harvard School of Public Health (HSPH), “Osteoporosis, or “porous bones, ”is the weakening of bones caused by an imbalance between bone building and bone destruction”. Each year, osteoporosis leads to more than 1.5 million fractures, including 300,000 broken hips.

According to a stats from Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, women who drink three or more glasses of milk per day have a 60% more chance of developing a hip fracture.

So what is the Alternative to common milk – Raw Milk!

Raw milk is the opposite of homogenized, pasteurized UHT milk, as it is not heated, it is just fresh and untreated. It might be difficult to get (of course from your local farmer, but in well-stocked organic shops as well) be that is the alternative – as it is alkaline! It does help in getting healthy doses of calcium to the body without lowering the body’s pH value.

All milk becomes acidic and detrimental to your bone structure once it’s been heated up as all big milk manufacturers typically do. The processed milk which you find on supermarket shelves may therefore cause acidosis, which in turn is responsible for osteoporosis irrespective of whether it is a whole or half or skimmed milk.

The best way to overcome this problem is to quit drinking pasteurized milk which you get from supermarkets and replace it with fresh milk. One has to remember: the more acidic foods we consume (and not-raw-milk certainly counts), the more acidic we get, and the more alkaline substances are withdrawn from naturally occurring alkaline sources, and that is from our bones, too.

The conclusion today is: increase the intake of alkaline food and consume green and leafy vegetables to get better bone strength.

Together let us say “No to processed milk” to prevent our bones from osteoporosis!

The correlation between inflammation and weight-gain and what to do about it:

Inflammation is the process where an infection occurs in the body and chemicals from the White Blood cells in the body are released to the spot where the infection has occurred to protect the area. This causes redness in the area which results in inflammation. Inflammation can occur in any part of the body, skin, stomach, liver, intestine etc. While inflammation from time to time is necessary to protect the body from infection, a chronic inflammation could result in several health issues. Also, little is known about the role of inflammation in weight gain. Yes! You heard it right. A chronic inflammation can cause weight gain.

For instance, if one consumes bad food (fast foods like Burgers, French fries, Do-nuts etc.) it could result in fat substance causing inflammation in the stomach. This would result in obvious weight gain.

Here are 4 tips for reducing inflammation:

1. Increase anti-inflammatory food intake:
Eating anti-oxidant and polyphenol rich foods would help in reducing free-radicals thereby making the body more detoxified. Veggies like Broccoli, Kale, Turmeric powder, berries etc. are rich in polyphenols that will significantly reduce the inflammation. Some studies even suggest that eating papaya seeds consistently for six months can reverse the inflammation in one’s body.

2. Reduce stress:
Stress can be a major trigger of inflammation, so one should reduce stress in one’s body. For instance, being media obsessed can increase one’s stress level, as well as being constantly burdened with too much workload. The easiest way to reduce stress is to exercise regularly; exercising regularly increases the release of endorphins. Endorphins are the “feel good chemicals” in one’s brain which help in reducing stress.

3. Consume essential fats:
According to many different diet plans essential fats are very important for proper maintenance of body weight. Essential fats increase the “good” cholesterol HDL by reducing inflammations inside the body. The key is to consume omega-3 fat rich foods and other good fats. For instance, replace your meat intake with fish; replace your sugar and other high carb diet foods with stevia, and have almonds regularly.

4. Get more sleep:
A study in 2008 reported that sleeping less than 8 hours per day would lead to weight gain. Lack of sleep increases the stress level and attacks the immune system thereby contributing to inflammation and weight gain.

The Alkaline diet would always help in fighting inflammation. So, take some time to visit our alkaline food chart here. Comment away your thoughts!