6 Foods You should Never consume

Great and long lasting health is the result of a careful diet combined with regular exercise. Regular consumption of “bad” foods may sabotage health and wellbeing, so let’s have a look at some of these foods to get a picture of what NOT to eat.

1. Donuts:

Donuts top the bad food list as it can quickly lower the body’s pH value. Above that it raises the acidic levels in the stomach. The result of eating high calorie foods such as donuts and other bakeries with high sugar content is rapid weight gain and poor digestion.

2. Cookies:

Cookies surely are one of the “tastiest” bad foods. This is, however, due to the usage of lots of saturated or trans fats. Neither a saturated fat nor a trans-fat is good for your cardiovascular health. Cookies are expected to be sweet and most commercial cookie products contain a lot of sugar. Check out the amount of sugar in these popular brands of cookies:
Newman O’s = 10 g sugar in 2 pieces
Chips Ahoy = 11 g sugar in 3 pieces
Mrs. Field’s = 18 g sugar in 1 piece

3. Potato Chips:

Most potato chips are deep fried with trans-fats that can cause coronary heart diseases. Besides, it is said to lower the body’s pH value drastically thereby increasing the risk of cancer in the long run.

4. French Fries:

French fries (actually another version of potato chips) cause harm to our health due to its very high calorie content. About 100 grams of French fries contain about 300 calories requiring you to run for 45 mins on a treadmill to burn the fat.

5. Processed meat:

Eating processed meat (packed, sausages, patties etc.) may be unhealthy due to the fact that the meat goes through too many production processes (added chemicals, preservatives etc.) before getting to the table for you to eat.

6. Soft Drinks:

Soft drinks contain very high amounts of sugars and additives, some of them can be linked to diabetes and cancer. A study done be the Natural Medicine Journal found that there is a strong link between drinking soda and pancreatic cancer . According to the study, drinking two or more sodas a week almost doubles a person’s risk of developing pancreatic cancer. Diet soda is equally dangerous as the sugar is replaced with artificial sweeteners which, in some cases, can be linked to coronary heart disease and premature birth.

After reading this article we believe that you would have made your choice to move from bad foods to alkaline foods. Comment away any other food which you think is bad.