How to heal a gut after recovering from ill health?

All disease begins in the gut.
– Hippocrates

The importance of alkalinity in the body has been discussed over and over again in several of our previous blog posts of But when it comes to the gut health it’s about a good balance between keeping it alkaline and acidic.

Firstly let us see what your gut really is. The gut (gastrointestinal tract) is the long tube that starts at the mouth and ends at the back passage (anus). When a person is in good health, the gut will have all the good bacteria that are needed to keep the pH in balance.

What Is Gut Bacteria?

Bacteria line our intestines and help digest the food we take in. During digestion, they metabolize vitamins that are vital for life, and send special signals to our immune system. Above that bacteria produce small molecules that can help our brains work better. It’s not the presence or absence of one particular type of bacteria that makes a gut a healthy one, but rather the diversity of good bacteria.

When a person is unhealthy (sick), the gut also gets affected and changes the pH level and the gut bacteria. Therefore, the best approach to heal the gut is by restoring the good bacteria.

Traditionally, doctors recommend taking anti-biotics and pro-biotics. When doctors prescribe anti-biotics and when it is taken by a patient, it automatically kills all the bacteria (both good and bad). However, to bring back the pH in the gut, it is necessary to consume pro-biotics (like curd, yoghurt, kefir etc.). By consuming pro-biotics one can increase the good bacteria in the gut which heals the overall gut health.

Of course, we would never recommend taking anti-biotics, as we are of the absolute conviction, that with an purely alkaline diet there will never be any need of taking antibiotics! Or even pro-biotics, as they have an acid forming effect on your body, therefore take them only moderately.

Apart from the above steps, it is also necessary to eliminate acidic foods (blog link about inflammatory food) from the diet during the healing process. Also, consuming fermentable fibers like sweet potato, yam etc. would help in increasing the good bacteria thereby aiding in gut health.

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Top 10 Healthy Foods for Losing Weight the Right Way

In today’s world, many health experts come up with many different diet plans – especially diet plans for weight loss, which you would have heard of several times, that are hard to remember. But there is something that one would come across at all diet plans: there is nothing much about truly healthy foods. Here we define healthy food as a high quality food that offers the right nutrients without increasing one’s weight. One can consider going through our earlier blog post on The Mathematics behind clean eating to get an idea of what healthy food is.

In this post we suggest the Top 10 foods that can be included into your diet as a part of your weight loss plan. These foods definitely help in reducing calories without depriving you off the essential nutrients. For convenience we put the 10 foods into 4 categories of foods that are: beverages, fruits, veggies and grains.

The Top Healthy Foods are:

Beverages – Green Tea

We included only green tea because green tea is the best beverage that helps in weight loss. Remember to consume 4 to 5 times a day cold or warm green tea for effortlessly reducing 100 calories or more a day.

Fruits – Watermelon, Papaya and Oranges

Watermelon, when consumed raw, increases the anti-oxidant level inside your body and reduces the cholesterol level, thereby helping in burning calories better.

Papaya is a super-fruit that massively breaks down calories, which is very beneficial for your heart, too.

Oranges are high in Vitamin C and help your system in burning calories. You can consume as a fruit or as a juice too. Remember not to add sugar (to any of your fruits) if you consume as a juice as their fruit sugar content is quite high.
For best results, break your fast in the morning with half a papaya along with some Watermelon and 1-2 Oranges.

Veggies – Avocado, Spinach, Carrot and Cucumber

Avocado, which is rich in good fats, helps in maintaining a strong and healthy composition without increasing your weight. Consuming Avocado helps in reducing sugar cravings thereby aiding in weight loss as one doesn’t have the need to consume sugar.

Spinach and other green and leafy vegetables are some of the best anti-oxidants and helpful in reducing your calories, as spinach is a negative or zero calorie food.

Carrot and Cucumber – these are two foods that can be consumed in between meals that aid in better weight loss.

Grains – Quinoa and Red rice

Quinoa and unpolished red rice keeps your stomach full even if you consume less thereby helping in better weight loss.

If you have any other suggestions for healthy foods for weight loss please do share them over here in the comment section.

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10 Best Healthy Alkaline Foods we are not eating

What comes to your mind when asked where did you last pour a pint or two of acid? You would probably picture yourself pouring carefully measured drops of an acidic cleaner into the kitchen sink with gloved hands. Let’s give you another perspective on things: the last time you overate at a fast food restaurant you filled your stomach with significantly harmful amounts of acid.

Sorry to compare your stomach with a kitchen sink, but that’s what consumerism and the hype around fast and processed food has reduced us to. Thanks to food activists like Operations Falafel who reflect and educate people about the good and the bad, the alkaline and the acidic.

None of us can break loose from the shackles of acidic food because, we all agree, it pleases the taste buds. But, the pleasure of taste buds can be certainly compromised every now and then when the well being of the remaining 99.5% of the body is at stake, can it not?

We can certainly take a break from acidic meals and neutralize their harms to the body by alkaline meals. We are not suggesting a complete boycott of fun acidic foods, but we must make the following healthy alkaline foods part of our everyday meal as well.

1. Lettuce, Celery, Currants, Garlic

We know that’s a long list of all the foods you loathe, but hey, they’re not that bad. They are rich in the superpowers of antioxidants and neutralize even the stronger acids with their alkaline pH of 8.0. If you don’t want to eat them raw, you can always toss them in a salad or a bowl of spelt spaghetti. Your body stays safe of acidity and you have a good intake of antioxidants!

2. Alfalfa sprouts

Alfalfa sprout comes from a germinated alfalfa seed. It is rich in antioxidants, and this alkaline food have substances that maintain body’s hormonal balance. Alfalfa sprouts are very low in calories and they help fight against cancer, reduce risk of breast cancer, prevents osteoporosis and are essential to many healthy bodily functions.

3. Egg Plant, Onion, Pumpkin, Vegetable juices

Such vegetables are available all year round for a reason, i.e. you eat them all year round, reap their countless benefits, and keep your body at a maintained, neutral pH. Pumpkins are not just a Halloween thing; you can eat them made into delicious pies and soups as well. And eggplants being low calorie can keep you full for a long time, together with nullifying the excess acids in your body.

4. Chia, Cumin, Flax Oil and Flax Seeds

The above mentioned set of foods can be ground into powder form, made into a pasty sauce, or sprinkled raw over almost about any food without considerably changing the flavors. The Chia seeds can also be used to make delicious falafels if you’re looking for healthy, alkaline snacks. These small alkalinity packed seeds help neutralize body acids big time!

5. Watercress, Seaweeds, Asparagus

Sea food around the world is seeing more and more use of this group of alkaline foods. Asparagus is best consumed raw and brilliant green and the seaweed is an ample source of calcium and iron.

6. Limes, Cucumber, Parsley

You would probably light up at the thought of cucumber being alkaline because they are exceptionally delicious at the same time. Well yes, this group of good tasting, good smelling foods is a great kidney and intestine cleanser. Eating any of these raw or cooked with another edible will be a refreshing treat to all of your body.

7. Cantaloupe, Cayenne (Capsicum)

This group has the most alkaline properties, antibacterial substances, and stress fighting factors. Again, a great reserve of vitamin A, low in sugars, and high in fiber; so much goodness, you will instantly feel cleansed and light inside.

8. Agar Agar (Organic Gelatin)

Not all gelatins are bad. Organic gelatin known as Agar Agar is made from seaweed and is easily digestible, making it a suitable option to use in dinners.

9. Broccoli

Luckily this one nutritionally quintessential vegetable has been part of the staple diet for many Western nations for ages now. However, children of most houses still tend to leave the broccoli on their plates untouched. We must make sit the many benefits of this jovial green vegetable including its high Vitamin A and C and calcium content. In addition to these, its alkaline nature will render you unfathomable good.

10. Lemons

When life gives you lemons, eat them, because they are the best alkaline food out there! With an overwhelming pH of 9.0, nothing acidic survives a sprinkle of lemon drops. It instantly relieves heart burns, acidity, and many intrinsic and extrinsic viral infections. Also being an amazing liver tonic, it energizes your entire body with a new spirit.

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The mathematics behind clean eating

Clean eating must be made a priority for a good health and weight loss. However, it is something that is often ignored by many. Also, several diet plans have been introduced by several people for weight loss, it might be overwhelming to read and follow them all. So, here is a simple formula which we have put forth for you to get an idea of what is the right way of eating for better health.

Before we give the mathematical formula behind clean eating, let us define the list of simple parameters involved in the math – protein, carbohydrates, fat, fruits & veggies. Here are three math rules you need to remember:

Protein + Carbohydrates = Weight gain

Protein + Fat = Weight maintenance 

Protein + Fruits & Veggies = Weight loss

Protein + Carbohydrates = Weight gain

Are you looking to gain weight? Consume more protein rich food with every meal along with carbohydrates. Carbohydrates get converted into sugar which inevitably increases the body weight. If you are NOT looking for weight gain then, ditch this formula.

Protein + Fat = Weight maintenance

Contrary to the belief that fat increases the weight, fat actually aids in weight maintenance. The Ketogenic diet is the best example of this wherein one chooses a fat rich diet with protein and vegetables. If you are looking to maintain the weight, choose good fat like Almonds, Walnuts and Cashew. They are high in pH value as well. Combine it with protein and consume with every meal.

Protein + Fruits & Veggies = Weight loss

If you are truly looking to lose weight, follow the formula above and ditch carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are the culprit that aids in weight gain and ditching any food that contains carbohydrates would make it easy for you to lose weight. However, do not forget to consume protein and combine it with vegetables and fruits – remember the 80/20 rule; consume 80% vegetables and 20% fruits for best results. Also, this formula is truly alkaline. In order to keep a balance, it would be good to consume fat rich food from time to time rather than not consuming them at all.

Hope this formula based approach for good health is useful for you. Comment away your thoughts!